Hot zip codes in Charlotte for buyers and sellers

Hot zip codes in Charlotte for buyers and sellers

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If you have a home or town home to sell within Charlotte's I-277 loop you may want to get it on the market now.  Realtors say there is a pocket of hot zip codes that buyers are anxious to move into but there just isn't the inventory for them.

In fact, one of the hottest zip codes for new home buyers might not be one you'd expect. Parts of 28208 have been in development for some time and are experiencing a boom, but now other parts of that same zip code are experiencing a revitalization.

Dan Brayts and his wife moved into Bryant Park.  It is a new development of single family and town homes bordered by Morehead Street and Freedom Drive.

"We've been here a couple of months now.  We wanted to stay close to the city. We like to go uptown and Panthers games and Hornets games.  We really wanted to stay close,"  Brayts said.

His commute to work Uptown is now 5 minutes and avoiding traffic, according to realtor Amy Williams with Century 21, is a big factor fueling the interest in Center City living.

"It happens so fast.  We have 67 active listings on one day and that will change by evening.  We've had 30 close and there are more than 50 under contract," Williams said.

The buyers sacrifice space for proximity.  This, however, is a generation that doesn't mind that much as long as they get what they really want.

"They don't feel like they need the square footage. They want the nice amenities, they want the nice finishes. They want environmentally friendly buildings," Williams said.

It is a sellers market.  Not only in 28208 but also 28202, 28204, 28205 and other area zip codes.

"I think of it as I would traffic, it is a gridlock situation," Williams said.

Williams says over time a purchase in these areas could be a real investment.  However you have buy a home you'd be willing to live in for a while and have patience until you can make money on re-sale.

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