NCDOT: No timeline for report on trip to Texas

NCDOT: No timeline for report on trip to Texas

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - There is no timeline on when the North Carolina Department of Transportation will release a report on Secretary Nick Tennyson's trip to Texas earlier this month, a spokeswoman said Thursday.

Tennyson went to Texas to meet with representatives of the Texas Department of Transportation to learn about their experience dealing with Cintra.

The Spanish-owned company operates a toll road and two toll lanes in the Lone Star state. Tennyson's trip came at the request of Governor Pat McCrory after Cintra's subsidiary that owns SH-130 declared bankruptcy.

Prior to the trip, Tennyson said he planned to meet with TXDOT officials and drive the now-bankrupt road, which he said he'd never visited before. On the ground in Texas, Tennyson declined to answer any questions about his trip and said he would have a report to release in three to four weeks.

But when On Your Side Investigates asked whether the report was ready on Thursday - three and a half weeks since the trip - we were told the report was not ready and there was no timeline for when one would be released.

SH-130 is the second Cintra-owned highway in the United States to declare bankruptcy. A third road, the Chicago Skyway, was sold amidst financial troubles.

Two other Cintra-owned toll roads have gone bankrupt elsewhere in the world.

On Your Side Investigates drove SH-130, the Chicago Skyway and the Indiana Toll Road - the other U.S. toll road to go bankrupt - as part of a special investigation in February.

At the time, NCDOT said Cintra's financial model was sound and the company had a "track record of success."

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