Good News: Overcoming fear of cankerworms with music

Invasion of the cankerworm

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's that time of year when millions of cankerworms give even the pollen a run for the money as far as population goes.

While the annoying pests can destroy trees, they can also strike fear in the hearts of millions.

"I had one dangling from my hat," said one woman we found enjoying an otherwise nice day at Latta Plantation. "It scared the bejebus out of me."

This idea has absolutely zero basis in fact, but if you're one of the many people terrified by the dangling canker worms, maybe putting them to music helps diminish their monstrous-looking nature.

So we made a video with people's thoughts on the creepy little menace, and lots of music.

Sound silly? It absolutely is.

But we hope it might help with your fears, and even better, make you smile.

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