Plane hijacked overseas, Tourism backlash over House Bill 2 - Watch WBTV for details

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Good morning - it is Tuesday, March 29th, 2016. Kristen Miranda in for John Carter this morning.

As everyone in the newsroom works on your morning update, we're keeping one eye on a BREAKING situation in Cyprus. A plane was hijacked overnight.   After negotiations, most of the passengers aboard were released, but cabin crew and five foreign nationals remain on board, according to Cypricot and Egyptian officials. [READ STORY HERE] Brody O'Connell will have up to the minute details in the Alert Center.

BREAKING: Crews responded to a house fire in Gaston County this morning. Firefighters say the fire broke out at a home on E Hartford Avenue in Bessemer City. No injuries were reported. The cause remains under investigation.

Closed door meetings for Charlotte city council members as they discuss the Charlotte fire chief. The fallout from a WBTV investigation - our Ashton Pellom will detail what we know.

New this morning, the signing of a bill to overturn Charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance could have far reaching consequences. It could impact the money funneled to your children's schools.

There's also tourism backlash over House Bill 2. This morning, we learned NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo has banned non-essential travel to North Carolina. Other cities have also banned travel to the state.

Change is coming for the way you pay your CATS bus fare.

Utah's governor approved a bill making Utah the first state to require doctors to help ease the pain a fetus might feel during an abortion.

Did you do the new iPhone update and you're having serious problems with your phone now? You aren't alone!

And we are just four days away from tip-off at the Final Four in Houston this weekend - we'll show you how fans are trying to make their way to the tournament.

Christine Sperow and Lyndsay Tapases are getting ready to start the news at 4:30am.  The rest of us join them at 5am.  Hope you'll join US when you wake up!


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