Get Toyota service for your check engine light!

Get Toyota service for your check engine light!
It can be alarming if you see a light come on on your car’s dashboard. If there is a light on, you should not ignore it. There are different lights for different problems your car is facing, and one of the most important lights to pay attention to is the check engine light. If the check engine light comes on, you should bring your car into our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte ASAP!

Why does my car need Charlotte auto service for a check engine light?

The check engine light could be on for a slew of different reasons, and our Charlotte Toyota service experts can determine it for you. If you’re worried and want to know what’s going on with your car, our Toyota service team has come up with a list of reasons as to why this light could be on. These reasons include:
  • Gas cap is loose. If the cap on your gas tank is not screwed on tight enough or is missing, this could cause your check engine light to turn on. All you have to do is screw it on tighter or have it replaced, and the dashboard light will turn off!
  • Oxygen sensor needs replacing. If the car’s O2 sensor is faulty, your vehicle doesn’t know how much unburned oxygen is in your vehicle’s exhaust system. If ignored, your car engine will burn more oxygen than necessary and you will begin to experience decreased fuel efficiency. Have it replaced and back to running correctly in no time at our Charlotte Toyota Service Center!
  • Spark plugs or spark plug wires are going bad. Spark plugs are responsible for starting your engine and keeping it running. Bad spark plugs need to be replaced; otherwise you will face poor performance and reduced fuel economy. Spark plugs can be easily and quickly replaced at our auto service center.
  • Mass airflow sensor needs to be replaced. Faulty mass airflow sensors have the same effects as faulty oxygen sensors – poor performance and decreased fuel economy. This part is necessary measuring the amount of air entering your engine.
  • Catalytic converter needs replacing. This auto part converts carbon monoxide, a harmful gas, to carbon dioxide. This part is crucial to helping the environment, and a functioning catalytic converter is necessary to passing the state’s emissions test. You can get your catalytic converter replaced and your check engine light turned off at our Charlotte auto service center.
There’s a lot going on under the hood of your car, so it’s important that you don’t neglect any auto service your car may need. Other dashboard lights that indicate a need for Charlotte Toyota service include:
  • Brake system
  • Tire pressure
  • Oil pressure
  • Battery

Schedule Toyota Service for dashboard lights!

Our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte wants to help you keep your car in tiptop shape! If you have any dashboard lights on, including your check engine light, get to our auto service center as soon as possible. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at (888) 378-1214!