911 call in deadly dog attack: 'My dogs attacked and really hurt her'

Elderly woman attacked and killed by family dogs

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The 911 call has been released after an elderly woman was killed in a reported dog attack while visiting family at a home in south Charlotte.

The woman, identified as 86-year-old Bessie Flowers, was killed at a home along the 3200-block of Luke Crossing, in south Charlotte near the Arboretum. According to a source, Flowers was visiting her daughter when the attack happened.

In the 911 call, released Tuesday, a woman can be heard saying "This is an emergency. My dogs attacked and really hurt her. Please come!"

Officials said Flowers suffered "fatal dog bite injuries" and was pronounced dead at the scene. Sources said she suffered injuries to the neck and lost a substantial amount of blood.

"The female is not a stranger or third party just walking down the street. This actually occurred at a family home," Captain Todd Lontz said. "The dogs that are involved in this are actually family dogs."

WBTV has learned that Flowers was heading back into the house from the back porch when she either slipped or tripped onto a dog bed. The family's dogs - 2 pit bulls - went over to Flowers while she was down and apparently started playing with her. A police source says the dogs became more aggressive, and that the aggression escalated.

WBTV has learned the dogs bit Flowers in the neck and head.

Flowers' daughter eventually separated the dogs and was finally able to get them off her mother.  With her mother bleeding, the daughter called for help. Police found Flowers on the living room floor.

"After they arrived on scene, they located a female deceased - possibly resulting from the dog bites," said Capt. Lontz.

"I feel bad for the lady. I feel bad," said Tiwana Williams, who lives in the subdivision. "I know that that was her mother and I can't imagine waking up and having everything. And by lunchtime, your whole scenario is changed."

Police said that two "American Pit Bull Terriers" were involved. They said both animals were properly licensed and vaccinated. The dogs were taken by Animal Care and Control for a 10-day quarantine. Additionally, they will be held during the investigation.

WBTV has learned that the dogs' owner, the victim's daughter, didn't want to sign the dogs over - so animal control officers seized the dogs.

Officers said they were called to the home in April 2013 in reference to a complaint about two aggressive animals, but that the call was unsubstantiated at that time.

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