Congressman Pittenger: We need to stop terrorists' money flow

Congressman Pittenger: We need to stop terrorists' money flow

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - After last week's terror attacks in Brussels, security is top of mind for people overseas and right here in the United Sates. As of Monday morning, the death toll from the attack stands at 35, including four Americans.

During a visit to WBTV Studios Monday morning, Congressman Robert Pittenger talked about where he thinks the United States should be focused when it comes to defeating terrorist organizations.

"We have two tools in our tool box; one is good intelligence, knowing what they are doing and what they are planning, the other is intercepting their money, and if we can address those two then we have a decent chance of preventing what they are trying to do," Pittenger told WBTV. "Stopping the money is really critical."

Pittenger said the challenge with stopping money flow is not being able to track it. The Republican Congressmen said countries, including Iran, are able to transfer billions of dollars to other countries without the United States knowing.

While the attacks in Brussels were carried out less than a week ago, Europe is not even the latest target for terrorists.

Officials say a suicide bomber detonated a device at an Easter Sunday celebration in eastern Pakistan. Pakistani police say the blast killed more than 65 people, including 24 children.

A splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack, according to officials.

Pittenger said any time people are being killed because of their religion, the world needs to react in support of the victims.

"We have to be strong advocates for people who are being persecuted and detained and killed because of their faith," Pittenger said. "The more Americans are aware of it the more they can be engaged and be involved."

Officials say the victim's in Pakistan were targeted specifically because they were Christian.

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