Nettie Reeves: “Ropes-A-Dope”

Nettie Reeves: “Ropes-A-Dope”

Fitness Trainer, Nettie Reeves, stopped by WBTV News Saturday Morning to talk about the history of jump rope activities and exercise you can incorporate into your routine.

1. Regular jump rope - best for beginners. Hold the handles in each hand, with feet close together. Bend the knees as the hands swing the rope over the head and under the feet. Jump over the rope. It's okay to take an extra jump in between jumping over the rope.

2. Speed Rope - best for advanced and in sports like boxing.

Speed Jumping - one to one ratio jump to swings as fast as you can Boxer Jumping - as above keeping one foot off the ?oor in front at all times Crossover Jumping - as above, cross the arms while the rope is in the air.

3. Weighted Jump Rope - jump rope as usual but emphasis is heavily on the arms and shoulders due to the weights inside the handles

4. Heavy Jump Rope - jump slowly, keeping an eye on your hands and feet as they lift high off the ground

5. Heavy Conditioning Rope - Same rope used to anchor boats. Basic exercises are: waves, outward circles, inward circles, slams. Make more interesting with squats, jumping jacks, etc. Also great for pulling.

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