'Bait dog' found abandoned in Rock Hill, police investigating

'Bait dog' found abandoned in Rock Hill, police investigating

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - South Carolina law enforcement officers are investigating after a dog was found with severe injuries that veterinarians believe came from being a "bait dog," used in dog fighting.

The Pit Bull was found by Casey Lawrence along Vernsdale Road in Rock Hill on Wednesday.

"He was laying to the side of the road up in the woods," Lawrence told WBTV. "[He] could not move, near death."

Lawrence believes the area is some sort of animal dumping site, possibly for other animals being used as bait.

When WBTV went by the site Friday night, an animal carcass and several bones could be seen. Lawrence called Rose Chmielewski with Every Life Matters Animal Rescue to help get the dog medical care.

"When I saw him I knew right away he was some kind of bait dog," Chmielewski said.

The dog has since been named Rambo.

He is now in the car of veterinarians at Baxter Veterinary Clinic. Doctors have been posting pictures and updates on the clinic's Facebook page.

They believe the severe gashes and bite wounds came from being bait for fighting. Rambo may lose a leg and is still not out of the woods.

"Knowing that somebody is just watching this and seeing an animal fight to almost his death and thinking it's funny... I mean what kind of person does that?" asked Chmielsewski.

Rock Hill Police confirm they've taken a report and are investigating. Veterinarians said officers with York County Animal Control came out Friday to get a look.

Lawrence hopes that by sharing her story, others will report dog fighting and give the animals a chance at life.

"This needs to get out there, and we need to catch these people," she said.

Donations for Rambo are being accepted at Baxter Veterinary Clinic in Fort Mill and online here.

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