Using cell signal jammers

Cell phone signal jammers

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It may be a lesson your parents taught you.  Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should.

In this case we're talking about using a cell phone jammer.  Jammers prevent phones from working in a certain local area.  The devices are readily available to the average person online  Still, using one could get you into deep trouble.

WBTV Cyber Expert Theresa Payton, CEO of Fortalice Solutions, says while some organizations and institutions can use jammers, it is illegal for the average person to do the same.  She shared with WBTV the story of a man in Chicago who used a 5 antenna jammer to quiet noisy cell phone talkers on his train commute to work.  People lost their ability to text and make calls.  He got caught.

Payton's thoughts follow:

Using cell phone jammers 

This is okay for libraries, hospitals, and churches to do on their premises...these areas are expected to be quiet

The Federal Government can do this in emergencies

But average citizens trying to get "peace and quiet" are not allowed.

If you buy one and use it out in public, you could be fined and/or face jail time.

The FCC has fined people for doing this.  They also fined a business for blocking WiFi hotspots to force them to use theirs.

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