Visually impaired students go on special Easter egg hunt

Easter Egg hunt for the blind

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Visually impaired children at Eastover Elementary spent the afternoon on an Easter egg hunt they won't soon forget. It's a part of something made possible every year by the Delta Gamma Fraternity.

Alison Smith, regional alumni specialist with Delta Gamma, says the program is a part of their mission to help.

"To see their faces and to be a part of that is so satisfying and gratifying," Smith said.

Students in the visually impaired class have varying levels of sight. Some can't see at all, other have low vision. But they found their way right to the eggs Wednesday afternoon. Using clues written on pieces of paper in braille, the kids made their way to a series of eggs with beepers inside.

With skills learned in their class, they picked up each one and put it in a bag.

Most of the kids say the best part of the hunt was coming back into the classrooms and opening up the eggs. They were filled with treats ranging from chocolates to stuffed animals.

Delta Gamma has been sponsoring the event at Eastover since 2007.

"It's not something tangible you get from it," said Smith, "just being a part of it is something very special."

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