Waxhaw Police officer brings presents for young man with special needs

Waxhaw Police officer brings presents for young man with special needs
(Bryan Bailey)
(Bryan Bailey)

WAXHAW, NC (WBTV) - A disabled young man in Waxhaw is smiling from ear to ear after getting some cool surprises for his birthday, hand delivered by Waxhaw's finest.

Waxhaw Police officer Bryan Bailey was on routine patrol in a neighborhood when he came across 23-year-old Bob Estes standing outside. Officer Bailey is familiar with Bob and often stops to say hello while on patrol.

"I've never seen someone that's so excited to see the police. I wanted to do something to make him feel special," Bailey said.

Earlier this week while talking with Bob, the young man mentioned it was his birthday and invited Officer Bailey in to see some of his gifts.

Bailey left and decided he would add to Bob's birthday stash. "I went and just got him some DVD's and some movies, and a little pair of plastic handcuffs. He's always telling us he wants to be a police officer," Bailey said.

With gifts in toe, Officer Bailey returned to Bob's house and made his day.

"He's got a lot of medical issues. He's a very good person and it's the least I could do to make something happy for him," Bailey said.

Bailey said Bob couldn't stop smiling and was very happy to have not only the gifts, but the extra attention from officers.

Officer Bailey just celebrated his 2 year anniversary with the Waxhaw Police Department.

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