Spend spring break in the 2016 Toyota Sienna!

Spend spring break in the 2016 Toyota Sienna!
Are your kids getting excited for spring break? It’s a week for them to take a break from the textbooks and get out of the classroom. It’s also a chance for your family to take a vacation! If you’re planning a spring break trip with your family, make sure you’re riding in a vehicle that can tackle the task. Fortunately, our new Toyota dealership near Charlotte knows exactly what vehicle you need. For the ultimate spring break family road trip, get into the 2016 Toyota Sienna!

Space for little ones and luggage in the 2016 Toyota Sienna!

You’ve booked the hotel, mapped a route, and got the kids hyped up for a great vacation. It’s time to get going – now you just need a practical and reliable ride to get you there. Take the 2016 Toyota Sienna near Charlotte!

N Charlotte Toyota minivans are the ultimate road trip rides!

One of the best parts about taking the 2016 Toyota Sienna on a road trip is all the available room it has. Your family won’t be squished and you won’t have to leave anything behind for the sake of space. This N Charlotte Toyota minivan can seat up to eight. With easy-access third row seating, your kids will be able to get in and out without the fuss.
A lot of family means a lot of baggage. Suitcases full of clothes, backpacks full of toys, and tote bags full of diapers – where are you going to put it all? The 2016 Toyota Sienna near Charlotte has 39.1 cubic feet of convenient cargo space. There are even easy to reach storage compartments placed throughout the vehicle so chocolate milks and action figures can be grabbed without any hassle.
Packing snacks for the trip? Don’t worry about the crumbs. There is an available built-in on-board vacuum cleaner. Remove it from the side panels of the back cargo area, flip the switch and suck up pesky messes from all nooks and crannies of the minivan.
If you’re driving through the night, make sure you’re at maximum visibility. Not only do you want to see what’s on the road, you want others on the road to see you. The 2016 Toyota Sienna in N Charlotte has available LED lighting which shines bright, and gets anybody’s attention.
Skip the “are we there yet?” questions, and keep your kids entertained with the available Dual-View Blu-ray Disc Entertainment Center. This road trip necessity includes a 16.4-inch display, two wireless headphones, a remote, and RCA jacks. If the kids can’t agree on a movie, split the screen to watch two things at once.
This is the spring break your kids will be talking about for years to come. They may be excited for the destination, but they’ll love the journey just as much. Take a spring break road trip for the books in the 2016 Toyota Sienna. Get behind the wheel at Toyota of N Charlotte. We’re located at 13429 Statesville Road, just off of I-77 at exit 23!