Charlotte inspiration Jennifer Sherrel dies after 15-year battle with breast cancer

Charlotte inspiration Jennifer Sherrel dies after 15-year battle with breast cancer

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Jennifer Sherrel's pain is over.

This is Jennifer at "Laugh for the Cure" in 2015. She couldn't make it to the 2016 event last week because, candidly, her aggressive breast cancer had advanced into her brain and her liver had started to fail.

But her doting husband was there. Bryan Sherrel was named as one of Komen Charlotte's "Pink Tie Guys" for all he has given to this cause.

For all he has given to his wife.

Jennifer had been fighting metastatic breast cancer for 15 years.

She died yesterday.

Jennifer was originally told she had 2-6 months to live. She lost her hair seven times. She lived ten years as Stage IV.

She consistently beat the odds.

Over the weekend, just days after Bryan was honored for being her strong Co-Survivor, he posted words indicating the end was near.

"Jennifer has lived an amazing life… …Along the way she has made me into a remarkably better human being and by her outgoing personality introduced me to more friends than I would ever have been capable of on my own."

I talked with Bryan earlier today. He said he doesn't want flowers or food, because Jennifer didn't want that. Instead, he's going to work on making her dream happen – she wanted to build an infirmary at Camp Lurecrest Ministries, where they were both involved.

He'll talk more about that in coming days on his Facebook page >>

Bryan is a pretty incredible guy. Just last week he wrote the following about being a "Pink Tie Guy"... an honor specifically for him, that he naturally turned into a reason to say wonderful things about Jennifer.

"It truly is an honor for me, but really it has been easy because she is such an exceptional person with an amazing graceful personality. That is becoming even more apparent now, because in her current condition one of the common side effects is a changing of personality. In Jennifer's case, she is even more loving and gracious to people than she has ever been. We're witnessing the core of her, and it's showing brightly throughout all of this."

Thoughts tonight to Bryan, their son Nathan and all who love Jennifer.