'Dancing Queen' keeps Fort Mill school traffic smiling

Crossing guard named 'The Dancing Lady'

FORT MILL, SC (WBTV) - If you've ever driven down highway 160 in Fort Mill around the time school lets out, there's a chance you've seen this woman.

The lady dancing in the middle of the highway with a stop sign is actually working. Veronica Swanick is known as the Dancing Queen of school traffic controllers.

With earbuds softly playing her favorite worship music, she dances and hops and skips her way around the middle of the road while cars and trucks whiz by. All the while smiling and waving at each person as she safely gets cars in and out of Fort Mill Middle and Elementary schools.

"What do I love about it? I love people. I see them smiling as they go by. They wave, they give me good compliments," Veronica said.

Parents, students and bus drivers in and out of the Fort Mill Middle and Elementary schools have dubbed her, the dancing lady.

"I have a two and a four year old that notice her every day and as we approach they always say, 'Where's the dancing lady!' So it makes their day just as much as it makes mine," said parent Elizabeth Hart.

The compliments are just as heavy as the traffic that Veronica gets safely in and out of the school.

That's where the paycheck takes a back seat to the very best part of the job: "Blessing people. Because I've had people tell me they've had bad days, and I make them smile," Veronica said.

With that, she continues her dancing and smiling, and making the world a little bit better.

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