Chicken Chi Chi

Presented by Philip Webber, Jive Turkey Legs

Chicken Breast



Green Onions


Monterey Jack Cheese

Flour Tortilla

Jive Sauce

Cook chicken by roasting or boiling.  Then shred the chicken breast. Dice cucumber, celery and carrots and mix all three with shredded chicken in a bowl. Pour Jive Sauce a little at at time until the mixture is the consistency of chicken salad.

On a flour tortilla (8" or Larger) place 2 halves of Monterrey Jack Cheese side by side then top with chicken mixture.  Roll the tortilla to create what looks like a log.  Pan fry in Olive Oil on all sides until golden brown.  With a sharp knife, slice the Chicken Chi Chi into equal parts and place on a place or serving platter.  Drizzle with Jive Sauce and top with Green Onions and enjoy.

Optional Sauce:

8 oz Mayonnaise

2 oz Ketchup

1 Tsp Mustard

1 Tsp Cheyenne Pepper