Irish "Ale" Mint

Presented by Andrew Elder, Johnson and Wales University


8 mint leaves, no stem (plus some for garnish)

2 tsp    sugar syrup

1tsp    Creme de Menthe (green)

2 oz    Irish Whisky (Jameson, Powers, Bushmills...etc.)

Large Ice Cubes

12oz    Irish Red Ale


  • style="color:black;background:white;">Combine mint, syrup, and creme de menthe in the bottom of a tall collins glass.
  • style="color:black;background:white;">Muddle the mint and syrup/creme de menthe together.
  • style="color:black;background:white;">Fill glass with ice.
  • style="color:black;background:white;">Add whiskey.
  • style="color:black;background:white;">Top with Red Ale.
  • style="color:black;background:white;">Stir slightly to combine.
  • style="color:black;background:white;">Garnish with mint leaf and straw.