Elementary politics proves just as dicey as adult version

Political wisdom from kids

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - MacKenzie Hampton says she's ready to retire from her position as Mayor of the "whole entire first grade".

"On April 17th I am retiring because I don't like dealing with too much stuff," the 7-year-old proclaimed.

MacKenzie was one of several kids we interviewed from Invest Collegiate Charter School in Charlotte.

We asked lots of non-political questions about politics and the process of voting and running for President.

When asked about the job of the President of The United States of America, several kids responded with the most precious answers of just what a president's job is.

"They are supposed to make people be nice to each other," one child said.

The conversation with first graders can quickly change directions so we actually talked about a lot of different things, including, more of MacKenzie's record as Mayor.

She boasts about her performance in "not lying" and also securing promises she made while campaigning for the spot, "When I said I would bring a basketball team to the school, the basketball team actually came," MacKenzie said, "Our basketball team is called The Royals."

While they're young now, these are the generations that will one day run our country. Check out the video for more on what politics means to kids.

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