Learn the basics of auto service!

Learn the basics of auto service!
Owning a car comes with a lot responsibilities. Not only do you have to manage payments and insurance, but you also have to consider maintenance. You may not think about it when you first purchase your car, but it’s important that you keep your car caught up with routine auto service. If you’re not sure what maintaining your car entails, the experts at our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte can help!

Keep your car running with regular auto service!

When talking about routine car maintenance, there are four main Charlotte auto services that are the most important: oil changes, tire rotations, battery checks and brake service. All of these services are needed the most often and crucial to your vehicle staying on the road for years to come (and keeping you safe)!
  • Oil change – keep your engine running smoothly by routinely having old motor oil drained and fresh oil put in. This substance lubricates your engine and keeps it in good shape!
  • Tire rotations –make sure your tires are wearing evenly with regular tire rotations. Switch your front tires to the back and vice versa, ensuring your tires will last longer.
  • Battery checks –have our Charlotte auto service technicians check the voltage left in your car battery. This auto service makes sure your car battery has enough juice to start your car and not leave you stranded.
  • Brake service –your car brake system is intricate and made up of multiple components. Our Charlotte Toyota service techs will inspect your braking system to ensure parts are not worn out and do not need replacing. 
Did you know cars’ needs change with the weather? For example, in the winter months cars should have the oil changed, tires rotation, windshield wipers replaced, and headlights restored. In the spring, a car should have a full wash and wax, tire pressure check, oil changed, and brakes inspected. All of these auto services in Charlotte create a healthier and safer ride.
If you are to neglect routine and seasonal car maintenance for your car, you will be facing the need for auto repairs. A car that hasn’t been well maintained will have mechanical problems and need expensive auto repairs. For example, a car that has not had a routine oil change will begin to sputter and not start properly. It will drive worse and eventually seize up. A seized engine will cease to work and leave you with a nonoperational car. If your car is at this point, our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte can handle these repairs for you. Our auto service technicians can have your car fixed up in no time!

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Now that you know owning a car is more than just making payments, we hope you keep up with routine car maintenance. By taking overall better care of your vehicle, you can ensure it a longer life. You also bank on a heftier wallet!
To visit our Toyota Service Center for car maintenance or auto repairs, give our professional technicians a call at (888) 378-1214!