Get safe driving tips for your family and pets!

Get safe driving tips for your family and pets!
We know that those most important in your life are the ones who ride in the backseat. Whether they have hands or paws, those little ones are your main priority. If this sounds all too familiar, then you know it’s crucial to keep them safe while in the car. Our new Toyota dealership has tips on how to keep your family and pets safe while in the car!

Protect your loved ones with safe driving tips!

One of the most important things to know for safe driving with family is car seat safety. Children under a certain age and weight need to be in the proper car seat while in your N Charlotte Toyota. Not only does the car seat have to be the proper type and size for your child, but it also has to be installed correctly. The LATCH system fastens in the car seat to keep your little one safe. The car seat should sit firmly and not wobble. If you’re unsure of how safely the car seat is installed, you can visit your local police or fire department. Police officers and firemen can perform a free child car seat inspection so you can feel confident about safe driving with your babies and children.
What about those loved ones on four legs with fur? Keeping your pets safe is just as important as keeping your children safe. It’s important that you don’t just let your dog or car roam about the car freely. An animal can easily become a projectile if you had to bring your N Charlotte Toyota to a sudden stop. For safe driving with pets:
  • Make sure to secure your animal. You can put them in a crate or in a harness which is a comfortable way for them to be safe and secure in your N Charlotte Toyota.
  • Plan on making stops. Pets, especially dogs, need opportunities to get out of the car to do their business and to stretch. Allow your dog to run around and get out some energy. Also double check that you make stops where pets are allowed!
  • Pack water, food and treats for your furry friend. It’s important that animals stay nourished and hydrated, especially on a long trip in your N Charlotte Toyota.

Drive safe in a N Charlotte Toyota!

It’s important to follow these safe driving tips for children and pets, but you should also brush up on basic driving safety as well. If you’re out on the road in a N Charlotte Toyota car, be sure you’re following safe driving rules like:
  • Abiding by road rules – follow the speed limits and come to complete stops at stop signs.
  • Avoiding distracted driving – put all distractions like phones and food, out of sight and out of reach.
  • Using defensive driving –pay close attention to other drivers on the road and anticipate any moves they may make that could endanger you and your family.
If you want more tips about safe driving for your family and pets, give Toyota of N Charlotte a call at (888) 883-3797!