WBTV Speak Out Editorial Responses: I-77 Toll Lane

WBTV Speak Out Responses: I-77 Toll Lane

The following is a response to a recent Speak Out editorial. The views expressed are solely those of the speaker.

As we expected, our recent news reports and editorial on the company building the I-77 toll lanes drew some impassioned responses.

Wanda Morris wrote:

I'm against (the) toll road. It will cause more headaches and cost more for consumers. We are in a financial crisis now; we do not (need) toll roads.

Shari Tate shared her experiences on I-95 in Virginia:

I-95 sits like a parking lot or travels at…a snail's pace, while the toll lanes are rarely utilized. People at the average median income can't afford to pay high tolls to drive to work.

Several viewers came out against the contract specifically:

Linda Gould from Huntersville:

I am extremely opposed to it and I do feel like… the least the DOT can do (is) their research and not hire a company that has had several problems in the past.

James Johnson of Charlotte:

It is a terrible situation and Cintra should not have that contract. It should be taken away from them immediately.

And William Rakatansky of Huntersville:

I am delighted that you have done your SpeakOut tonight on the toll lanes, and are basically telling people to call (Governor) McCrory and tell him to cancel the contract.

But an anonymous caller felt like blame should be put in the proper place:

Pat McCrory would have never built a toll road on the I-77 corridor if it hadn't already been written in contract with the former administration. 

Thanks to all of you who took the time to call or write.