VIDEO: Cheerleader pulls off promposal for special classmate

VIDEO: Cheerleader pulls off promposal for special classmate

LINCOLNTON, NC (WBTV) - Video of a Lincolnton High School cheerleader is getting some traction online after she pulled off a promposal Friday afternoon for a special classmate.

Janera Ruffin, a cheerleader at LHS, says the cheer squad was spending time with the school's special education class when one of the students, Tanner, began dancing in the middle of the group.

"Tanner began break dancing in the middle of the circle," Ruffin told WBTV. "That's when I thought to ask him to the prom and started making a plan. I wanted to make the day special for him and for me."

So Ruffin, a junior, and her friend, Aaliyah Moore, began planning how the promposal would go. Ruffin worked with Tanner's teachers and classmates and got things ready.

"I went to third period and one of Janera's friends on the cheerleading team was telling me about the promposal and I decided to go," Jordan Derr told WBTV. "I wanted to record just to post it for everyone to see and because Tanner is one of my best friends."

Derr says Tanner is always happy.

"He loves helping out and just overall a great person to be around," Derr said. "We have our own little handshake we do every time we see each other."

During lunch on Friday, Ruffin went to get the signs and balloons she had prepared for the promposal.

"She walked over, everyone crowded around and Tanner's teachers told him to stand up," Derr recalled. "Then basically everyone got their phones out and it happened."

The video shows Janera walking over the Tanner, asking him to prom. His answer is as simple as it is heartwarming. Tanner nods yes while touching his hand to his heart.

"I was speechless and crying. I was so happy that he was happy with my promposal," Ruffin told WBTV. "I can't thank Tanner's teachers and classmates enough. And his parents for making such an amazing son."

"He couldn't stop smiling after," Derr recalled. "He looked through the bags she brought and went to the signs and grabbed the one that said 'yes'."

The pair posed for pictures with the sign and Derr posted the video online. It has been shared many times online.

Janera is happy with the traction the video has gotten online saying it helps to put a positive spin on social media.

"It shows that positive things can go viral too, not just negativity," she said.

The prom at LHS is scheduled for May 7 and Janera says she can't wait to go.

"I don't know anyone who doesn't like Tanner. He's outgoing, lovable and sweet. He's a guy you'd fall in love with in a quick minute," Janera said. "And I'm pretty sure his dance moves are better than mine."

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