Suspected hash oil found in classroom with 4-year-olds

Suspected hash oil found in classroom with 4-year-olds

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - A spoon containing a substance believed to be marijuana oil was found in a classroom for 4-year-olds in Rock Hill.

Rock Hill Police were called to the Central Child Development Center along East Black Street on Tuesday after a call from the school nurse.

A staff member found the small plastic spoon containing a 'thick, reddish, orange paste' that was wrapped in plastic. It was discovered at the children's feet near book bag cubbies.

"It was just a white plastic spoon with this gooey substance on it, almost looked like candy wrapped in cellophane," said Captain Mark Bollinger with Rock Hill Police.

The school district notified parents with a letter.

"We will continue to work with the authorities to maintain the safety and security of our students," the school said in the letter to parents. "We wanted to make you aware of this situation."

A preliminary test revealed the substance tested positive for marijuana. It is unclear where the spoon came from. Police said the investigation is closed until further information is available.

Parents were concerned because of what could have happened.

"I just worry that the kids would have thought it was candy or food," said Monica Lockridge.

Investigators aren't sure where the substance came from, but parents worry that a child may have brought it to school by mistake, leaving them with more questions about what some of their children's' classmates go home to.

"Somebody's not watching that child and something's going on at his house, it kind of worries me that these kids is exposed to stuff like that," said Dennis Neely, who has a grandparent at the central child development center.

Police said an officer tried to talk to the kids, but nobody knew anything about it.

"Until we can figure out where it came from, we're basically at a dead end," Bollinger said.

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