Bloody Tuesday

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom.

It’s been a bloody Tuesday in Charlotte.  Three shootings and people injured.  One of the shootings happened at a gas station on Brookshire Boulevard where a bullet nicked a gas hose.  When police left, one woman, who didn’t know about the hole in the gas hose, went to fill up and got drenched with gasoline.  Reporter Sara Blake Morgan is on the story.

One week from the primary elections in North Carolina and the POTD (politician of the day) is Texas Senator Ted Cruz who spoke to a large group in Kannapolis.  Cruz spouted his mantra that the only way to defeat Donald Trump is to vote for him.  Tonight, Trump won both Michigan and Mississippi handily.

For the last 40 months, Charlotte parents have agonized over who would kill their pregnant 17-year old daughter.  Tonight, police made an arrest and the family is happy.  Reporter Coleen Harry is talking to Hawa Gabbidon’s parents.

In sports, the ACC Tournament is underway with NC State getting a victory over Wake Forest in the opener.  And Delano Little says defensive end Charles Johnson, who was cut by the Panthers last week, has agreed to a new contract to play for Carolina.

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