Pregnant woman speaks out after being attacked at bus stop

Pregnant woman attacked leaving her bruised and battered
(Coleen Harry | WBTV)
(Coleen Harry | WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A 25-year-old woman is speaking out after she was reportedly attacked during an attempted robbery at a bus stop, her baby is due in just seven days.

Olivia Onukogu says she was at the bus stop along the 2200-block of Ashley Road Saturday night around 8 p.m. when a man attempted to rob her.

Waiting for the bus, she was surprised to see a strange man inching towards her.

"He came up beside me and said 'I'm waiting on the bus, just like you'."

She says the man then slapped her on the butt in an effort to distract her and then grabbed her purse. Onukogu says the pair struggled over the bag and she landed on top of him, punching him in the head.

The man, described as around 5'11" with a beard and probably in his 30s, then was able to get an upper hand.

"I started yelling. He started kicking me in the face telling me to shut up," she said.

His kicks left her with stitches in her head and two black eyes.

The man then began to walk away from the bus stop and Onukogu says she chased after him and yelled for nearby neighbors to call 911 for help.  The man was able to get away.

A neighbor who lives not far from the bus stop told WBTV that she knocked on their door, bleeding from her face.

Onukogu says a CATS bus drove by during the attack, but didn't stop. She says the driver probably didn't know what was going.

She was checked out at the hospital and has since come returned home. Her unborn son, who doctors say was uninjured in the attack, is due in seven days.

"That's the first thing I was worried about. I was like 'don't worry about me. I'm still up and living. Just worry about the baby'," she said.

Onukogu and her mother, who talked to WBTV's Coleen Harry Monday afternoon, say they want the man caught.

"I don't think he knew it was gonna happen - that I was gonna defend myself," she said. "I think he thought he was gonna get away. I hope next time you know that women are powerful and they will defend themselves."

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