Molly's Kids:Teen dies from Leukemia battle

(Source: Michelle Love)
(Source: Michelle Love)

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - The following is a terrible thing to write.

Michelle Love isn't sure how to do it. She asked that I put this post out because she knows people want to know, but she doesn't know what to say. Her son, BJ Correll, died this morning after a weekend full of birthday wishes. He had just turned 15 on Friday.

Michelle said he went peacefully, surrounded by family.

"A piece of me just died, too," she said. Michelle is an amazing woman and mother. We just got off the phone.

"Unspeakable pain," she said. "Doctors said they couldn't do much else, but he wasn't ready. He said he wasn't ready. His sister Carly wasn't ready. I wasn't ready either. We just never really thought it would happen. He was my best friend."

There are no right words here, Michelle. Just know you have a huge community and family wrapping their arms around you.

"I do feel comfort he is no longer suffering," she said. "And I feel comfort he inspired so many. He used to say how happy it made him to know people were touched by his strength. We used to read all the Facebook comments together. So I also take comfort in how much he inspired."

She also had a message for everyone who has reached out. "We want everyone to know how much we appreciate their love and support," she said. "I just don't know if I know how to post about this or write about it or take lots of calls."

She asked to attach a favorite picture of hers from May 2012, before BJ's leukemia treatments. It's beautiful.

To say hearts are breaking is an understatement. All of BJ's family members and friends could use your thoughts.

You can find BJ's Facebook page here.


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