Daughters say they warned DSS about father before toddler was stabbed

Daughters say they warned DSS about father before toddler was stabbed
Henry and William (Source: Sonya Pitts)
Henry and William (Source: Sonya Pitts)

CALDWELL COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - The daughters of a man accused of stabbing his two young sons say he has a history of violence and drugs and they tried to warn social services that something was going to happen.

Sonya and Samantha Pitts talked to WBTV Thursday morning, hours after their father, William Pitts, was charged with stabbing two children and woman at a home in It happened in Caldwell County.

The sisters say the woman injured in the attack was their father's girlfriend, Lacy. The couple's two children, Henry and William were injured in the attack.

Two-year-old Henry was airlifted to Carolinas Medical Center and is in critical condition. The condition of Lacy and the infant, William, have not been released, but deputies say all three suffered cut wounds

William Pitts is being held on a $1 million bond.

But Sonya and Samantha say it should have never happened.

"[DSS] should be at fault, I think they should be at fault for what my dad done - because they knew it," Samantha Pitts said. "We told them before it even happened."

Sonya Pitts says she notified social services about a month ago that her father was doing drugs. She says social workers paid two visits to her father, but never did a drug test.

"I just wanted my baby brothers to get out of there because my dad loses his temper," Sonya Pitts said. "They could have done more. Just one drug test and they could have seen that. But I don't feel like they tried."

Sonya Pitts says her father was doing methamphetamine and even admitted it during a conversation they had together. She says he claimed he wasn't addicted.

"The last time I came over here, he said he'd 'been sober for two hours,' making a joke about it. He was clearly high, he was figgity," Sonya said. "He wouldn't look at me when I was here, he was getting ill with the baby."

Sonya and Samantha both say they warned Lacy their father was violent.

"I can believe it, but I can't. My dad always beat us and beat my mom," Samantha Pitts said. "But I didn't think he'd take it to this level."

"My mom protected us a lot, she took most of the beatings most of the times," Sonya Pitts said. "But we've dealt with it all our lives."

Sonya says her mom left Pitts when they were teenagers and she goes to see him "now and then."

"Still to this day, I'm scared of my dad," she admitted. "I'm a grown woman and I still feel sick to my stomach when I see him."

Samantha says she hates her dad for what he's accused of doing.

"You just tried to kill our brother. You just tried to kill our family," she said through tears. "That could have been us when we was little."

Sonya says she doesn't feel like the Department of Social Services did enough for their brothers and Lacy.

"Clearly there are problems, this is what happened to Zahra Baker," she said. "Everything was a red flag, there should have been more."

WBTV has reached out to Caldwell County DSS for comment on the case, but we have not heard back.

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