Protecting your privacy in your own home

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - You've heard the phrase "the internet of things", right?

It is when everyday objects like your refrigerator or your kids toys can connect to the internet.  So many things are connected now, it raises a new privacy concern.

We asked WBTV Cyber Expert Theresa Payton, CEO of Fortalice, Inc.,  how easy it would be for a hacker to peep into your home using these devices.

"Using any tool, like Shodan for example, people can spy on you via your internet of things. You don't need a computer science degree to do it.  If you have a home webcam and you don't mean to be a reality TV show, you need to know how to secure your wifi and webcams," Payton said.

Payton's advice follows:

So how do you combat this?

1.  Make your Wifi invisible so it doesn't pop up when you click on the wifi list

2.  Have more then one WiFi account set up.  For example, set up 1 account for any work from home sites; another account for kids in your life, another account for internet of things devices such as Nest, Webcams, Fridges, tea kettles.

3.  Different and unique strong passwords to your Wifi are key.

Your word of the week this week is AngelSense.  It is a GPS alert tracking system app for parents who have autistic children.  For more information, click here.

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