WBTV Secrets: Kristin Hampton's amazing chili skills

WBTV Secrets: Kristin Hampton's amazing chili skills

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Here's today's Station Secret! Kristen Hampton WBTV is a chili making fool!

Wednesday was Chili Day. It's a station tradition that started 12 years ago – during a snow storm. Charlotte got about 18". Rock Hill got 22"!

I tried to ask the people who have been here 12+ years what they remember about the very first Chili Day, but there are few memories. Then I remembered it was a snow day so it makes sense that details are sketchy at best. Those days can be rough!

Here's the basic story. A huge snowfall was predicted and our News Director Dennis Milligan was wondering how he would feed everyone. Kristen Hampton volunteered. That's just like her. (She temporarily forgot she wasn't a lunchroom lady.)

Turns out she had lunchroom lady skills after all! She brought enough food for the whole staff. Good thing! There was so much snow, people couldn't leave. One detail that was still fresh in both Dennis and Kristen's memory was the cost – almost $500.

Today, she has it down to $150! Dennis is happy about that.

She has done this all but one year since then. It's legendary. This is my first Chili Day. I think I was at a school visit last year. Still, I've heard tales of Chili Day. It lived up to the hype! The chili even had corn in it! The best chili has corn in it!

So, everyone already loves Kristen Hampton and her Good News. Here's just one more reason to love her...

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