BLOG: Could a non traditional power win the basketball National Championship this year?

BLOG: Could a non traditional power win the basketball National Championship this year?

This is simply AMAZING!

It is March 1st and there is not one team that you can say is the favorite to win the NCAA Division 1 National Championship.  NOT ONE!

So far this season, 6 teams have been #1 in nation (Kansas, Oklahoma, Villanova, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Michigan State).  7 teams is the all time record which was set back in the 1982-83 season.

Every time you get ready to crown a team and say they are the best, BOOM they lose to an unranked team.

Back to the drawing board.

Just last week, the 10 teams in the AP Top 10, lost 10 games just in that one week.  Chew on that stat for a second and I remind you that it is March 1st.  The first NCAA tournament game is on March 17th.

Time is running out for teams to round into shape.

Forget the NCAA tournament, I will take it even deeper than that.  Tell me who is going to win the ACC Tournament?  You can't without great confidence as 6 teams (minus Louisville who has a post season ban) have a legit shot at winning the crown in Washington DC.

What about the Big East?  3 teams got a shot at that crown in Villanova, Xavier, and Seton Hall.

Big 10?  No favorite...  Indiana is currently in 1st, but don't count out Michigan State, Maryland, Iowa, Purdue, and Michigan who all have at least 20 wins with Wisconsin and Ohio State currently at 19 victories.

A look at the PAC 12 reveals that at least 5 teams have a legit shot at winning the conference title.

Surely Kentucky will dominate the SEC?  Nope!  With all the success the Wildcats have had the past few years, most folks just think that is automatic, but look at the standings and Kentucky is tied with Texas A&M for first in the conference with 11-5 records.  And news flash, if the Aggies and Wildcats finished tied after this weekend's play, A&M will get the #1 seed in the SEC tourney because they beat Kentucky in their only meeting in the regular season.  Talk about a crazy change...

About the only conference that you feel confident saying there is a legit favorite is the Big 12.  Kansas just wrapped up their 12 straight regular season title.  That is VERY IMPRESSIVE no matter how you cut it.  But the one thing we have learned this season is there is no SURE thing so it wouldn't surprise me to see West Virginia, Oklahoma, Baylor, or Iowa State win the title.

I am going to make a BOLD STATEMENT.  With things as crazy as they have been this season, the National Champion will be a team that does not play in one of the conferences I listed above.  That's right, Cinderella will finally make it all the way thru the ball and not lose her shoe at midnight.

Who that team will be, let me get back to you once the brackets come out on March 13th.

Am I crazy for saying that?


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