Leap year woman celebrates her 21st birthday, at 84-years-old

'Leap baby' celebrates her 21st birthday

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - For hundreds of thousands of Americans, this is a very special year. For the first time in 4 years, people born on February 29 will have an actual birthday.

While many celebrate either the day before or the day after in a non-leap year, many still enjoy the time where they can actually say it's their genuine day of birth.

This year, the calendar didn't leave out Charlotte's Adele Weir.

"It's been fantastic, worth waiting 4 years for," Adele said of her day, which included shopping with her daughter Susan.

Adele is 84-years-old according to her legal status, but as she sits in the dining room at The Cypress in Charlotte, she prefers to tell the bartender she's just turned 21 and ordering her first Cosmopolitan.

"It's actually quite delicious for my first legal drink," Adele said with a giggle.

She lives with her husband Ray at The Cypress, a Charlotte retirement community. The couple has been married for 56 years.

"I only married her because I only have to get her a birthday present every 4 years," Ray joked.

Adele casts a side-eye and Ray makes known he's just kidding. She gets a present every year on February 28.

"Sometimes I celebrate for a whole week when I don't have a birthday, to make up for it," Adele said.

She's known as a "leapling," a status which some consider unfortunate because of the 4-year-wait for actual birthdays. 
But Adele says she doesn't mind.

It's only the lucky few that get to tell people they're turning 21 on their 84th birthday, and actually mean it.

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