Female jogger hides in bank restroom to get away from man with knife

Female jogger hides in bank restroom to get away from man with knife

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - A 20-year-old woman told police she had to hide in a bank restroom after she as chased by a man with a knife while she was jogging in Rock Hill.

According to police, the woman was jogging in the 200 block of Stewart Avenue, Thursday afternoon, when she noticed a man as she passed.

As she continued jogging near Laurelwood Cemetary, she told police she heard footsteps and realized the man was running towards her with a knife. She told police she heard the man talking to himself.

"She sped up and she sped up and she said she could definitely see a knife then," said Captain Mark Bollinger with the Rock Hill Police Department

The woman ran towards the Family Trust Credit Union on West White Street, where she hid in a restroom.

Police later viewed surveillance video that showed the woman running into the bank, followed by a man matching the description of the man. He reportedly only made it a few feet into the bank before exiting.

"She was aware of her surroundings and even though she was jogging she knew there was somebody behind her. She knew enough that there was a safe place to run to where there were people working," Bollinger said.

The woman left the bank and reported the incident to police. The man was not caught.

WBTV has asked police for a copy of the surveillance video. Police said they are working to see if it is available for release.

The area is in between Winthrop University's campus and downtown Rock Hill.

While it is not on campus, several students and young people live in the area. It's unclear if the victim was a student.

Kareem Wailson lives on campus, but was walking the same path Friday. He was shocked to hear about what happened.

"For a woman to be chased by a guy in this quiet neighborhood is kind of terrifying," Wilson said.

There are big development plans for this area, but right now there's not much besides the bank where she ran to hide.

The victim told police she usually runs the same route. It's by a cemetery. There are sidewalks and streetlights. Wilson calls it a safe place.

"I do feel like anyone who does come down this way, you need to like be on the lookout though, bring a partner or something, that way they won't come alone," Wilson said.

Police said they always encourage joggers to run with a partner.

Investigators are going through reports to see if there are any similar incidents or descriptions of a similar suspect. Until someone is caught, Wilson will be looking over his shoulder, whether he is jogging or not.

"For me or anybody else, just be on the lookout because you never know who could be right behind you," Wilson said.

If you know anything about the incident or have information that could help, call Rock Hill Police.

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