Hackers point out weakness in GPS system

GPS glitch

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - When is the last time you broke out a map or an atlas?  We are all so reliant on GPS because it spares us the trouble of planning a route and it seems to rarely fail us.

Unfortunately, like all things tech, it can be hacked.  "Good guy" ethical hackers found this recently when they showed how they could simulate a car's journey without the car ever moving.  In the demo, they typed into the GPS where they wanted to go and without actually moving or starting on the journey, the GPS began giving instructions as if they were moving.  The entire time they were in a building.

We asked WBTV Cyber Expert, and CEO of Fortalice, Theresa Payton to explain what this means for all of us.

"This spells danger for autonomous driving cars, tracking bad guys via GPS, and more.  In the security industry, we have known that GPS was vulnerable and many security measures are in place but you can't block all attacks," Payton said.

She suggests you always have a back-up to your GPS when traveling to a place you've never visited before.  Whether a map or atlas you keep in your car, or simply writing down directions, it can help.

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