Investigating the VA

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom.

A local family is demanding answers from the local V-A hospital after, they say, doctors there failed to diagnose a Vietnam veteran with terminal cancer.  Tonight his family is telling us it's a diagnosis the V-A should have been able to make weeks earlier.  Watch our investigative report at 11:00.

Which side are you on?  Apple has until tomorrow to comply with a court order.  They must tell a judge if the company will crack an iPhone belonging to the terrorist shooter at San Bernardino, California in December.  Apple CEO Tim Cook tonight says he's prepared to take the case up to the Supreme Court.  He said forcing Apple engineers to create new code violates the First Amendment.

Charlotte’s Metro school won’t be open tomorrow so workers can sanitize school buses and classrooms after several kids came down with norovirus.  If you haven’t had norovirus, you’re lucky.  It’s extremely contagious and debilitating.  Wingate University is also concerned about some of their students who’ve come down ill.

Tonight you’ll meet the little girl who loves her new puppy.  You see, her 14-year old lab just died.  This week, she found the newest member of her family, 6-week old Brody, the puppy who was shot 18 times by a BB gun.  She says Brody is not a dog, he’s family.

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