Wind and snow

Trees crash to the ground all over Charlotte due to strong storms

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom.

Trees and power lines down across the Charlotte area tonight.  Eric Thomas says the gusty winds won’t stop until morning, but our temperature will drastically drop and there will be snow in the high country.

What’s the one crime that eats up CMPD’s patience?  It’s credit card fraud.  Half of all the emails the police get each day involve financial fraud.  And there’s a new type of scam working in Charlotte—credit card cloning.  In my exclusive Crime Stoppers report, I’ll show you a man police say somehow stole financial information from a victim, then cloned those account numbers onto a fake card and used it buy gift cards which can’t be traced.  Police are very concerned because they say groups are cloning cards, making fraudulent purchases, then moving on to another town. 

The Hildebran High School fire cause remains undetermined tonight.  Arson experts say the old building is too unstable to dig through and look for evidence right now.  They will continue their investigation when demolition crews can clear some of the debris.

A happy ending for the 8-week old puppy named Brody who was shot 18 times by a BB gun.  After tending to his wounds, Ebenezer Animal Hospital in Rock Hill says Brody had been adopted by a loving family.  Police have charged two teenagers with animal cruelty.

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