Stormy hump day

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom.

Get ready for a stormy hump day.  You’ll know it by the temperature—Eric Thomas says we could his 70 which would be a 20-degree rise over today’s metrics.  It’s that big change which fuels strong storms like the line that roared through the Deep South tonight, killing at least two people.

Rock Hill police arrested a 17 and 14-year old for the heinous treatment of an 8-week old puppy.  Little Brody was shot 18 times by a BB gun.  We showed you X-rays of the steel pellets still under its skin.  The pup is recovering.  And tonight, our reporter Coleen Harry tracked down the mother of one of the boys accused of animal cruelty.

North Carolina governor Pat McCrory is wasting no time blasting Charlotte’s newly voted non-discrimination ordinance.  He tells us it is wrong and has ramifications beyond the City of Charlotte.  He also says he’ll get the General Assembly to pass legislation to thwart the ordinance in April.

And great news about Cassidy Hooper, the teenager who was born without eyes or a nose.  Molly Grantham has chronicled Cassidy’s life since she was little.  Tonight, Cassidy has landed a summer job at Carowinds as an usher.

Stay safe in the coming weather tomorrow.

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