Puppy shot with BB's gaining national attention

Puppy recovering after abuse

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - Since being brought to Ebenezer Animal Hospital Sunday night, Brody the 6-week-old lab mix has brought in hundreds of phone calls and just as many offers for adoption.

Dr. Jay Hreiz says Brody was shot 18 times and still has the metal BB's lodged in his body.

Police brought Brody to the hospital believing he had been stabbed, but an x-ray showed the 18 pellets peppered throughout his body. A knife had also been thrown at him.

Dr. Hreiz said the puppy has brought in attention from all over the country.

"We've been getting hundreds of calls a day about him," Hreiz said.

So many people have called with offers to adopt him, the waiting list for Brody has now been closed.

"It's great to know that everybody stands with us to wish him well in his recovery," Hreiz said, "And I think he's doing really well, which is good."

Many people also called to make donations towards Brody's vet bill.

Police made an arrest in the case on Tuesday.

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