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Teen accused of shooting puppy with BB gun granted bond

Officials say Brody was shot 18 times with a BB gun over the weekend. (Ebenezer Animal Hospital) Officials say Brody was shot 18 times with a BB gun over the weekend. (Ebenezer Animal Hospital)
De'Monte Ty'Juan Douglas (Rock Hill Police Department) De'Monte Ty'Juan Douglas (Rock Hill Police Department)

Police have charged two teens they say shot a puppy with a BB gun 18 times at a Rock Hill apartment complex over the weekend. The older of the two's mother says her son was singled out.

De'Monte Ty'Juan Douglas, 17, is charged with felony first degree cruelty to animals. A 14-year-old was also petitioned to family court and released to his parents pending that court appearance. His name has not been released due to his age.

Douglas was in court Wednesday morning. His bond was set at $5,000.

Police brought the six-week-old Lab mix, now named Brody, to the Ebenezer Animal Hospital on Sunday. They said the incident took place at the Wildwood Spring Apartment complex on the 1100 block of Springdale Road.

Officers said that along with shooting the puppy, Douglas also threw a knife at him.

Hospital staff said the small dog had been shot with a BB gun 18 times. X-rays show that the BB's are still inside Brody, but officials said he is doing okay. He is on pain medication and is expected to make a full recovery.


If convicted, Douglas could face between 180 days and five years behind bars and a $5,000 fine. 

Douglas' mother told WBTV that the 17-year-old who police picked up at school insists he's innocent.

"He called me. He said 'mom I did not do this.'" Laquita Stover said. "He said 'mom, I promise you I did not do this.'"

Stover said her son, who has had medical problems his entire life - born with a hole in his heart and one kidney - brought home a puppy Sunday after a woman gave away some of her pups.

"He came to the house Sunday. He had a puppy in his hand. He said 'Momma, can we keep this puppy?' I said 'no we can't,'" Stover said. "I said because we're in an apartment. And he was like 'okay.' Our next door neighbor has the puppy that he had."

Stover said Rock Hill Police have not told her much about the case. She believes her son was with a group of teens, and he was singled out. She said as far as she knows no one has identified her son as the shooter. She doesn't understand why he was the one jailed. 

"His picture splashing all across the news, Facebook. People saying so much about him. [That] I didn't raise him right," she said. "But I just want everyone to know they're saying accused.They're not saying he did it. He is just accused of it. That's my main thing."

She said her son is not a "bad child."

"He's 'yes ma'am, no ma'am, yes sir, no sir.' Very respectable and gets good grades," she said.

Stover says she wants people to think about one question. "Why would he bring a puppy here, cuddling it, saying 'can we keep the dog' and then turn around and shoot a puppy? And like I said, the puppy he had is next door."

The puppy police found shot, however, is still at Ebenezer Animal Hospital recovering, and receiving a lot of support. Dr. Jay Hreiz at the hospital said Brody has brought in attention from all over the country

“We’ve been getting hundreds of calls a day about him,” Dr. Hreiz said. 

In fact, so many people called with offers to adopt, the waiting list for Brody was closed. 

“It’s great to know that everybody stands with us to wish him well in his recovery,” Hreiz said, “And I think he’s doing really well, which is good.”

Many people have also called to make donations towards Brody’s vet bill.

Anyone with additional information about the case is asked to call the Rock Hill Police Department.

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