Spring into the new season with auto service!

Spring into the new season with auto service!
Winter is fading away and spring is right around the corner. If you’re getting ready to do some spring cleaning around the house, make sure to add auto repairs to your list as well! While it may not be inside your home, a lot of people are in their car as much as they are home. Your car has been through a lot since last spring, so it could be in need of some auto service. Our Charlotte Toyota Service Center has some auto service tips for your spring cleaning checklist!

What auto service does your car need before spring?

If your car has been sitting because of snow, or it’s been in constant use since you bought it – it may need some attention! According to our Charlotte Toyota Service techs, vehicles begin to show wear and tear if not maintained properly. To avoid costly replacements and auto repairs, it’s best to have your car routinely maintained. If you’re not sure what services your car needs, our Charlotte auto service techs can help!

Tire Pressure

Cold weather affects the air in tires. When the temperature drops, so does the air pressure in your tires. Driving on flat tires not only creates uneven wear on your tires, it can also be dangerous. To avoid car tire replacement or a blow out, bring your car into our Charlotte auto service center for a tire pressure check!

Oil Change

When was the last time you had the oil in your car changed? If it was before winter began, it’s time for you to have a Charlotte oil change. If you neglect this auto service, oil will begin to thicken and gum up the works of your engine. To make sure your engine doesn’t seize up, have a routine oil change done at our Toyota Service Center.

Windshield Wipers

You’ve been clearing snow, sleet and rain from your windshield all winter. After a season of wear and tear, your wiper blades could be in need of replacement. If your car needs new windshield wipers, it will show signs including: not clearing water off of your windshield, but just pushing it around, and leaving streaks on the glass. Scraping, squeaking and squealing while in use is another sign.
Don’t forget to give your car a good wash, as well! If you’ve been driving down snowy (and salty) roads, your car could be at risk for rust. The salt from clearing the snow on roads can be exposed to water and cause oxidation. This chemical reaction causes rusting on your car. Rust can spread and begin to deteriorate the car. To prevent the car from being damaged and needing auto body repairs, make sure to wash your car regularly while the snow is melting away and spring flowers are rearing their heads.

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Spring has not yet sprung, so it’s the perfect time to get to our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte for routine car maintenance. To schedule an appointment for affordable auto service, give us a call at (888) 378-1214!