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WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Disorganized School Board Fails the Test


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It’s a short six months until the next school year begins.

By now, we thought we’d be closer to finding Charlotte's next top educator.

But because of a divided School Board, loaded with personal agendas, we have to wait another year.

As a result of their 15-month procrastination, the Board members failed their initial assignment.

After signing interim Superintendent Ann Clark to a controversial extension, they now have another chance to get it right.

We hope this do-over will yield a more unified Board and better results.

During a recent meeting, Board members put their feelings on display.

We appreciate their open dialogue about the Superintendent search.

We think that's healthy – after all, they do represent different constituents.


But what’s concerning is when the Board presented an unorganized front…demonstrating a lack of communication skills.


CMS is the second largest school district in the state.

When it comes to the people's business, Board Members should handle it in a way the community can be proud of…

a way that can be emulated by other districts.

If you can’t get the job done, then get off the Board.

CMS needs a Superintendent who can take this district to the next level.

Every day the Board waits to find a new leader, students, their parents, and teachers are stuck with no clear vision for the future.

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