24 hours and counting to the SC primary

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First in the south primary. The eyes of the nation are on South Carolina right now. From 1980-2008 SC voters have successfully picked the person who ended being the eventual nominee for president. So candidates are working especially hard in these next 24 hours to convince the voters to support their campaigns. We talked to a political expert who says get ready to be bombarded. WBTV's Ashton Pellom explains during his live reports starting at 5 a.m.

NC voters, listen up! You may not be voting next month in the congressional primary. We'll explain how this ties in with the redistricting fight.

We're also covering the Democratic caucus happening in Nevada tomorrow. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in a dead heat!

Breaking overnight: We're learning more about the person who died in that plane crash in Union County. WBTV's Mark Davenport learned more information from a press conference late last night.

Do you Spotify? Bad news: personal information for hundreds of premium account users was exposed online.

TODAY: Thousands of mourners are expected to pay their respects to the late Justice Antonin Scalia as he lies in repose at the Supreme Court.

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