Congressional re-draw

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom.

North Carolina lawmakers will be back at work tomorrow-- so they can officially approve a redrawn map for the state's congressional districts.  Republican lawmakers released a proposed map.  One of the major changes it creates is a new Charlotte-area district without an incumbent.  The map has to be finalized by Friday.

Health officials are doing medical detective work—interviewing a person who came down with the mumps to find out where they’ve been and who’ve they’ve come into contact with.  There are at least six cases of the mumps in the Charlotte area.

Deputies at a local Sheriff's Office are working overtime because of a rush of gun permit requests.  Our reporter Sarah-Blake Morgan is investigating the surge in permit requests.

In my exclusive Crime Stoppers report, $20,000 of iPads and laptops stolen from a locked and secure conference room at a local hotel.  How did the crooks know about the electronics and who let them in?  Police say it was an inside job and they’re arrested one person who’s not talking.  They want to identify the two men we see on surveillance wheeling a suitcase and large duffel bag out of the hotel.

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