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Former mill worker housing to become NoDa's newest gallery and bar

(Photo courtesy @hookermedia) (Photo courtesy @hookermedia)
(Photo courtesy @linwell_farms) (Photo courtesy @linwell_farms)
(Photo courtesy @linwell_farms) (Photo courtesy @linwell_farms)

Developers of a new wine bar and art gallery in Charlotte’s NoDa neighborhood named it “The Company Store” as a nod to the gathering places which thrived when the area was packed with mill workers.

“In the heyday of manufacturing, mill villages and mining towns would have a company store that provided workers with groceries and other essentials. It would also be a place for neighbors to socialize,” Joey Hewell said about why he, and his co-developer Scott Lindsley, chose the name.

The wine bar and gallery will be inside a small duplex, once housing for mill workers. The 1,200 square foot home at 3221 Yadkin Avenue has undergone renovations in preparation for the opening.

As the mills in the area closed down from the late 60s until 1975, the area has gone through serious growing pains.

But since 1986, when the NoDa Neighbor Association was founded, neighbors have worked to preserve the area’s history while developing it as a thriving art community.

The owners chose to open The Company Store on Friday, March 4 to coincide with the NoDa Gallery Crawl. They say they plan on rotating the art at least monthly.

The Company Store will serve beer from breweries across the Carolinas as well as wine and small plated appetizers.

Hewell and Lindsley are ‘urban farmers’ by trade, but say they chose to open the bar and gallery to continue to enhance the neighborhood where they live and work.

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