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Clear roads in Lincoln County during storm lull

(Sharon Smith | WBTV) (Sharon Smith | WBTV)

Main roads and highways were clear of ice at lunchtime in Lincoln County as a lull in Monday’s storm system passed over.

Schools were closed and businesses had light traffic. Main Street was dotted with drivers using their headlights to be more visible in the misty conditions. Highway 321 leading into Lincolnton had sparse traffic, but no issues as the rain stopped.

Earlier, Lincoln County EMS told WBTV first responders were called to dozens of wrecks as a thin layer of ice coated the streets.

All in all, Lincolnton was spared, which was great news for Patsy Terres who was having lunch with her husband at the Court Street Grille in downtown. “I thought about my doctors appointments I had to today and I just wanted to get them done,” said Terres. She called it an answered prayer to be able to attend them all, despite the forecast.

For Terres, those doctors appointments were a big deal. She’s dealing with breast cancer and all the chemo, plus surgeries that come with it for some women. A big storm could have set her back in terms of medical care.

At the same lunch spot, Debbie Rhyne was working an extra shift because of the storm. Schools shut down, which meant her co-worker couldn’t come in with two boys and no last-minute childcare.

Rhyne agreed to take her shift and save her friend the frustration. “Her boys were stuck at home and she didn’t want to drive them down here and the roads were a little icy,” said Rhyne.

The Grille was slow for a Monday, with a lot of empty tables, but it seemed like everyone there had a storm story to share. Just like the same storm system can hit different towns and cities in different ways, it can hit people differently, too.

Another round of rain with the potential create slick spots on roadways came through late afternoon. As the sun goes down, driving could become more hazardous.

Stay with WBTV for more updates as conditions get worse.

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