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Dozens of flights canceled at Charlotte airport due to weather conditions

(Mark Davenport | WBTV) (Mark Davenport | WBTV)

Dozens of arriving and departing flights have already been canceled at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, Monday morning.

Bad weather conditions in the northeast and the threat of a snow/ice mix in Charlotte this afternoon has airliners staying cautious with travelers. 

Corning morning, Charlotte airport officials tweeted they started the process of de-icing runways, airport roads and aircraft. 

In an email to WBTV overnight, American Airlines officials said they also had de-icing trucks on standby if they were needed. Most of the canceled flights departing the airport belonged to American Airlines.

"We have dozens of deicing trucks ready to go and plenty of fluid, but we do anticipate having to cancel a good number of flights due to the impending ice and freezing rain," said a spokesperson for the airline. 

Travelers stranded at the airport had to make the best out of having their flights canceled. 

"Every single person walks up, looks up and looks all distraught," said Jesse Johnson. 

Johnson is making his way back to Canada after a convention in the Queen City. He connected with a small group of travelers in the same position waiting on the weather to pass. 

"As people started showing I figured might as well make the best of it," he said. "Make friends. Keep people light." 


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