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BLOG: So... where's the snow?


If you’re a fan of snow and wondering where it is this morning, head north, it’s in the mountains.

Much of the area south of I-40 has had nothing more than a little mist early this morning…and we may stay that way through midday.

It’s obvious the precipitation is much slower starting than the model output over the last three days would have otherwise have suggested, so the morning commute was uneventful for most.

So, if you’re looking for snow, the cold but very dry air in place is the main culprit.  It will take time for the atmosphere to moisten up to a level to create precip and that has not yet occurred in a widespread area outside of the mountains.

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That process may take a most of the day and so, for the Piedmont and Charlotte area, what falls today looks to be spotty and light today with temperatures only slowly rising to near 32° by late afternoon.

The heaviest precipitation – by then RAIN – has always appeared to come in tonight and that still looks right.  Good news is that temperatures will also continue to rise tonight, perhaps well into the 40s by daybreak Tuesday.  

FORECAST: Wintry weather around the area today, rain expected tonight

Keep in mind, some of the rain overnight will be heavy, so there’s a small concern for flooding, although no watches or advisories are currently in place for that possibility.

Rain is expected to move out quickly Tuesday, with plenty of sunshine for the midday and afternoon hours, with late day readings jumping well into the 50s.

And, if you’re a fan a mild weather, hang on for the weekend, as we’re likely to experience highs well into the 60s, well above average for this time of the year.

- Al Conklin

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