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Flying Biscuit Cafe celebrates National Pancake Month

In honor of February as National Pancake Month, The Flying Biscuit Café announces the availability of its specialty Red Velvet Pancakes at participating locations for a limited time only. 

For more information, click here.

Red Velvets Pancakes

Courtesy: The Flying Biscuit Café


1.25 pints 2% milk

¼ cup cocoa mix

.50 oz red food coloring

1 lb of your favorite buttermilk pancake batter


In a large mixing bowl combine milk and cocoa mix – with a small whisk mix thoroughly. Add in the red food coloring, granulated sugar and buttermilk pancake mix. Whisk until you reach a smooth paste without lumps.

In a separate bowl add the cream cheese, granulated sugar and margarine. Using a small hand mixer blend the two together until it is all one color. Stop the mixer. Add the powdered sugar and blend until it is a gummy mixture. Add the milk and blend to a creamy consistency.

Now it is time to cook those pancakes and spoon on the cream cheese topping. Enjoy!

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