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Charlotte boy reminds us what Panther Nation is all about


Four-year-old Kenan made a card for the Carolina Panthers. It's in the mail right now, on the way to the team.

Kenan (yes, his mom says he was named after the stadium in Chapel Hill) saw video of players arriving back in Charlotte on Monday's news.

“Mommy, I have to tell the Panthers I love them," he told his mom. "I don’t want them to be sad. I love them even if they ‘losed’ the Super Bowl.”

His mom, Wendy, said she melted right there.

She stopped the bedtime routine, got out the crayons and let Kenan sit down to dutifully create something from his heart. He asked her to spell the words, and very carefully wrote down each letter. 

Then he drew the players (including Sir Purr because he thinks Sir Purr plays) and instructed his mom to mail it to them.

Wendy did so yesterday, along with a note to Coach Ron Rivera thanking him for what this team has meant to not just Kenan, but to all of us in Charlotte.

Kenan became a Panthers fan for life this season.

Four days after Super Bowl 50, he's a perfect reminder of what ?#‎PantherNation and ?#‎KeepPounding is all about.

**Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on WBTV Anchor Molly Grantham's Facebook page.**

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