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BLOG: Another round of snow for Charlotte? Maybe.


There is potential that a disruptive storm on Monday into Tuesday could bring a little of everything to the Charlotte-area: snow, sleet, freezing rain, and even just rain!

That being said, we are still four days away from this storm system having any effect on our region.  And attempting to give a precise forecast in terms of snowfall or ice amounts is a fool’s errand. 

The forecast will certainly evolve as we head through the weekend.  More on that in a line or two.

First things first, the very cold temperatures we’ve incurred the last several days will continue through the weekend. A broad and deep trough of upper level cold air has been parked across the East Coast the last several days.

On Friday, another piece of energy will ride through the upper atmosphere - again bringing a chance for snow to the NC High Country and perhaps even a little light snow late Friday morning across the Charlotte area.

This system will also bring with it a reinforcing shot of cold air for the weekend. Lows on Sunday morning will once again drop to the teens.

Now to Mondays storm.

  1. Cold High Pressure will shift to our North and East and lock in some very cold temperatures across the Piedmont.
  2. A low pressure center will develop across the Gulf Coast states and usher moisture into the Carolinas for President's Day.

The timing and track of the low pressure are critical.

  1. At this time it looks as if cold air at the surface and aloft will allow for this event to begin as a period of snow, which may only be brief for the Charlotte area.
  2. Warmer air moving in aloft from the south (a warm nose) may allow for melting of precipitation before it falls to the ground.  And with sub freezing temps at the surface, this is the set up for a changeover to sleet and/or freezing rain.
  3. Right now the timing of this system has the snow starting late Monday morning or afternoon - before the switch to sleet or freezing rain sometime around midday. However, latest model runs as of Thursday afternoon are hinting that the low may end up taking a more westward track. This could mean a changeover to just plain rain by Monday night, lasting into Tuesday, cutting back on snow and ice totals.

Again we will continue to evaluate with storm system as it evolves through the weekend.  And by Saturday we should be able to start fine tuning the details in terms of precipitation type and amounts of potential accumulation.

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