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Northland couple frustrated over runaround with DirecTV damages


UPDATE: A day after KCTV5's story aired, a third party company used by AT&T, which owns DIRECTV, contacted the couple and said they would pay for the damages. They said they would send the couple a check covering the estimate for repairs.


All they wanted was satellite TV, but instead a Northland couple got $500 worth of damage.

Patricia and Tim Hartman got a sales pitch from a salesperson at a DIRECTV kiosk when she was at Walmart on Black Friday. She was promised a $200 Walmart gift card and a $100 Visa gift card if she switched from her U-verse service. They signed up and on Dec. 9, an installer arrived. While climbing through the couple’s small attic, he fell through, left straddling a beam with his feet dangling through their kitchen ceiling. Two months later, that hole is still there.

“They’ve yet to send anybody out to look at the damage or give us a timeline on repairs,” said Tim Hartman.

The couple says the contractor said he would come back that weekend to fix the damage. He never did, so the couple began writing to DIRECTV Retail Claims. They got an estimate from Mr. Handyman indicating it would cost $485 to fix. Nearly six weeks after their first letter from DIRECTV, they have received email after email from the company indicating they are working on resolving the situation.

“I don’t feel that they are actually interested in taking care of it,” said Tim Hartman, “like they are trying to just let it drag on long enough that we’ll just forget about it.”

In the letter dated Dec. 29, a DIRECTV Retail Claims representative said he'd pass the info to "CYDCOR NFFL WALMART.” Cydcor is a company that provides businesses with “outsourced sales teams.”

Patricia Hartman and that DIRECTV reps have been going back and forth with emails ever since.

“He keeps saying the same thing over and over,” said Patricia Hartman. “’I’m working on it. When I get some information, I’ll tell you.’”

On Jan. 14, he told her, “I have a conference call with this retailer today to go over several cases including yours.”

On Jan. 22, he told her the conference call had been postponed. “Your claim and information has been sent to the retailer’s local tech office for processing and review. It is being worked as we speak.”

On Feb. 8, he indicated, “I’m continuing to work with the retailer and their local tech office to receive an update on your claim.”

“I just think that’s too long to have a hole in our ceiling,” said Patricia Hartman.

“It’s the middle of winter with the heat going up and out,” said Tim Hartman.

Hartman hasn’t covered the hole because he says the company told him they wanted to send someone out to look at it themselves. That hasn’t happened yet.

Meanwhile, they got a call from a different DIRECTV representative on Monday. The Hartmans say the woman asked if they would like the contractor who caused the damage to make the repair.

“And we’re like, ‘No,’” said Patricia Hartman. “ We don’t want him back in our house. We don’t need any more damage.”

She told them to send the estimate, according to the Hartmans, which they did, again.

The Hartmans say they did receive a call recently from that contractor, who informed them that he needed to go to the hospital.

“He kept saying, ‘I didn’t want to go up there,’” said Tim Hartman. “We didn’t force him. You’d kind of think as a TV installer that you’d be used to climbing through an attic.”

Tuesday afternoon KCTV5 made calls and sent emails to media and marketing representatives with DIRECTV, Walmart and Cydor. We wanted an explanation for the delay and an answer about who was responsible and an estimate on when it would be resolved. The first two replied to say they would look into it. They did not expect to have an answer until Wednesday. Cydor did not reply. The Hartmans did not know the name of the company the installer worked for. They had the phone number of the man who did the installation. He did not answer when KCTV5 called.

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